This image came from a magazine somewhere….I totally loved the airy summer feel of this outfit.

This lovely green dress and printed miumiu dress are what I have to work with.

And the end result….stay tuned…….


I made this fabulous ruffle shirt from two t-shirts I got at the 99 Cents Store.  Thanks to Tea Rose Home….here’s her tutorial.

I have to give credit right away to the Selfish Seamstress for this cowl neck top I created from her design.

All of my upcycled creations on this site are from thrift store finds and this one is no different.  Even though I used Selfish’s pattern, I started it off from this white dress I found for a buck!  The bottom of this dress is a slightly different material than the main portion of it.

the before...blah

And then I printed out the pattern and worked it onto the dress in just the right place.  Resizing it a bit bigger for me. Yeah, cuz Im a bit selfish too!

For the cowl, I used the bottom portion of the dress which was a softer, looser knit than the rest of the dress.  I needed a bottom band and so I had to sew a few pieces together to get one.  I removed the buttons up the front but left the pocket in its original spot.

This is such a comfy top that I made another in a darker color, again from a dress I purchased for a buck!  Thanks Selfish Seamstress!

I call this one a Ki-Miumiu…..Kimono meets Miumiu.

This bright blue miumiu was gorgeous with its bright pink and white flowers.  I loved it all…but it needed an update….er…upcycle!


I used a white t-shirt with a pretty crocheted trim for the bodice of this dress.  The pink t-shirt I used as the middle can barely be seen in this photo but its underneath the blue belt.  Because this piece turned out very asian inspired, it looked like a kimono, I needed and found a wide obi belt tutorial here and created a beautiful obi belt from the fabric in the Tigers in the Grass post.

I found this frumpy, smarmy green dress for a $1.  With its pockets and bow tie neckline, I felt it had potential.

However, I sure wasn’t going to wear it outside like this!

I liked the neckline with its bow but wanted to update it abit.  I hiked up the hem and cut off the arms.  Added a black knit halter with a built in bra.  Pared it with a leather belt and black velvet pumps and found I had a rather Fab dress to go out in.

The thrift stores around here always have boring denim frocks on their racks.  I love denim and wanted to create something lighter for the summer.

I started with this…………and ended with this!

Another avenue of creativity that I’ve wanted to try for many years is welding.

My Grandfather collected “treasures”, and one man’s junk is another man’s treasures…right?

Locally we have some highly creative metal sculpturists and I hope they don’t mind that I will probably feature some of their work here because I really admire the creativity and thought that goes into making one of these unique works of art.

This first one I found while riding my motorcycle way out one of the main roads around here.  He was clearly the Steel Guard of his owner’s property.  Just look at the detail on this guy!  I love his chain dreadlocks!

If the owner’s see this, I hope you realize that there was NO WAY I was going to pass this guy just to knock on your door.

This steel guard stands tall over their front gates to their home, ready for anyone who dares to pass. (not me!)

I wanted to make something from these two supersoft sweatshirts that I found, along with this argyled pink and purple tshirt.

I thought the 3 just screamed to go together….forever, or at least until someone else upcycles THIS upcycle!

I cut each in half where I wanted the top and bottom.  Then used the t-shirt as the center belt piece.  It’s all serged together.  It didn’t look quite done until I added in the bias trim and the two crocheted flowers with center buttons in gold.  I think it came out super cute!

Another GIANT miumiu.  This one has an overdone print of tigers in the grass.












This print was seriously busy and overdone, but I liked the idea of tigers on this silky polyester.  The tigers have red eyes and bits of blue strewn amongst the black grass.  Strange bu true!

This time I wanted a blouse with much less of busy-ness and I used the velvet again and some beautiful bright blue from this dress to liven it up.

I took a velvet blouse that I had earlier removed the sleeves from.  Actually I think was a full dress.

I love the split sleeves on this with the blue ties.  I added the blue waist band with a small black/blue flower with a rhinestone center.  The whole thing turned out great for those summer turn to fall days.

A headboard from drapery?  You betcha!  Does it remind you of those scenes from Sound of Music and the drapery upcycled into clothing?


I started with a pair of drapes I purchased especially for this project.  I wanted something with a very organic look since we had already bought a tree to go over our heads (you’ll see in a moment what I mean).  You can see the brown on brown pattern to this fabric.

We started with a 3/4″ piece of MDF board (or you can use plywood) that we cut to the width of the bed, and the preferred thickness of foam (in this case 2″), which we also cut to the exact dimensions as the board.  Because I wanted my finished headboard to have nailheads showing, I opted to go this route instead of wrapping the foam around to the backside of the board.  Next, lay them both flat and glue the two together using either a wood glue or E6000.  This step ensures that the two won’t move while you fit the fabric around the board.

Turn over your fabric so the back side is facing up and carefully lay the  board/foam over the top of it.  If you have a patterned fabric that’s either horizontal or vertical, take care to make sure your lines are straight.

Using a heavy duty stapler, staple the fabric to the board so that its’ snug, but not tight.  You don’t want to pull the foam down.  The picture shows a corner that was wrapped so the folds are evenly spaced.  It really won’t matter what the back side of your headboard looks like because it will be against the wall in most cases.

Once the fabric was stapled down and looked how I wanted it, I got to work on getting those upholstery tacks (or nailheads) in place.

Next, I measured the top portion of the board where I wanted to use the nailheads.  I cut a 3/4″ strip of paper and measured and marked 1″ between each mark.


This was a good space for the width of my nailheads…yours may be different depending what size nailhead you choose.  I also drew a horizontal line to mark the middle of my paper which in turn, is the middle of my board’s width.  Where these two lines intersect is where you’ll place each nail.  Lay the strip of paper right over the fabric on top of the board.  Feel the edges with your fingers to be sure you get it right on top. You can tape the paper in to place while you do the next step.

Next, center the nail on top of the hash marks you created earlier.  If your spacing doesn’t look right, don’t go any further.  Remove the paper, flip it over and make a new set of spacing marks.

Pound the nailheads in with a rubber mallet so as not to damage the nail.  Don’t pound them in ALL the way yet!  Just lightly tap to keep them in place.  Then remove the strip of paper and you can pound away.

Next, you’ll probably want to attach some legs to the headboard unless you were able to figure out a way to cleanly attach it directly to the wall.  We were not.  So we cut some legs of the same 3/4″ MDF board and used a simple bracket to hold them together.  Using a heavy duty bolt and washer, measure twice and screw each leg into the wall securely so it doesn’t have any movement.

Move things back into place and you have yourself a DIY headboard.

We shaped our headboard to resemble a hill for our tree to sit atop of.

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