I took a motorcycle ride the other day wearing my customized chaps.  I call ’em MeanJeans.  They’re super awesome because they provide some warmth while riding (and protection in case I come off the bike) and they’re VERY UNIQUE.

Here are a couple of pics just in case your interest is picqued.

You can buy them, or others, here if you like them.

…and these which have received ALOT of attention at bike shows!…


I had found another miumiu on the racks but this one was a stunning hot pink…very tropical!  I had to have it!!

In no time at all I refashioned it into this hot little number for a cool summer evening!

There’s nothing quite like taking something drab and making into something unique and useable.  I’m loving the upcycling trend!

I seem to be drawn to these super frumpy but lusciously flowery fabrics on miumius.  Again, I found this one for a buck.  It was huge and needed some attention.


I did a quicky, cut out the sleeve and shorten it by a couple of feet and fit it to my width and we had a super cute top to go with jeans.  I love jeans can you tell?


I love this shade of fuschia and the silky fabric, but the dress screamed early 90’s.

It has some pretty detailing on the left shoulder with these buttons, and a double layer of asymmetrical peplum going on.

I thought this color would be fabulous with jeans and wanted something summery.  I cut it down to be a one shouldered, sleeveless blouse.

This was the next dress to attack.  It was this huge mass of christmasy colors.  Not that that’s bad, but this was too much!  I had to do something….

Its a little hard to see here but there’s a double layer skirt.  I cut it down to one layer of skirt, added some velvet sleeves and fringe cuffs.  I also had recently purchased a pattern that I wanted to use (Vogue 8489) to make another dress from scratch.  So I cut out just the crisscrosses from the pattern using a black velvet to try and break up some of that red and green.  Pared it with some over-the-knee black suede boots and black tights and voila.

This is it!  This GIANT 4x dress started my upcycling obsession.  Can you see why?  I paid a whole buck for this thing at the local thrift store.  It was laying in a heap on the ground and somehow its beauty screamed at me.  It was the perfect item I had been looking for…..Kizmet!


With some doing, I eventually got it to look like this.  I’m in love!  Doesn’t the fabric look familiar??


Thanks for visiting me.  I’m Mel (short for Melodine) and much of what you’ll find in these pages comes from me….The Mind of Mel.  Those things that I repost are from other seriously unique and wildly talented people that I admire.

Why the name FullThreadle?  I guess it’s how I want my life to be…not exactly Full Throttle but a more relaxed Full Threadle.  Its a combination of  the fact that I enjoy riding my Harley (since I can’t have a horse, it’s really the next best thing to freedom and therapy like no massage or visit to the psychiatrist can), and also my newfound love of recycling, upcycling, repurposing clothing….whatever adjective you want to call it.

Why upcycling and DIY BOTH, you might ask?  Like most women, I’m an avid shopper!  A hunter gatheress you might say (but not hoarder).  I love the hunt for that special treasure that no else sees, and that’s why I’m obsessed with upcycling.  I enjoy taking something that you would never think “could be” and making it “what IS” in a beautiful and unique way never before thought possible.  Sadly, we’ve become such a wasteful society and I just want to do my part to keep things out of the landfills.  The DIY part comes from having parents who always repaired and created things around the house for themselves, us kids, and the house.  I’m fairly certain that my Dad’s got every tool known to man (and has taught me how to use most of them) and while I didn’t spend much time in mom’s kitchen while she would make her famously gourmet German dishes, somehow I did pick up some of her sewing skills.  I thank them both for my eclectic skills and tastes.

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