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I have to give credit right away to the Selfish Seamstress for this cowl neck top I created from her design.

All of my upcycled creations on this site are from thrift store finds and this one is no different.  Even though I used Selfish’s pattern, I started it off from this white dress I found for a buck!  The bottom of this dress is a slightly different material than the main portion of it.

the before...blah

And then I printed out the pattern and worked it onto the dress in just the right place.  Resizing it a bit bigger for me. Yeah, cuz Im a bit selfish too!

For the cowl, I used the bottom portion of the dress which was a softer, looser knit than the rest of the dress.  I needed a bottom band and so I had to sew a few pieces together to get one.  I removed the buttons up the front but left the pocket in its original spot.

This is such a comfy top that I made another in a darker color, again from a dress I purchased for a buck!  Thanks Selfish Seamstress!


I call this one a Ki-Miumiu…..Kimono meets Miumiu.

This bright blue miumiu was gorgeous with its bright pink and white flowers.  I loved it all…but it needed an update….er…upcycle!


I used a white t-shirt with a pretty crocheted trim for the bodice of this dress.  The pink t-shirt I used as the middle can barely be seen in this photo but its underneath the blue belt.  Because this piece turned out very asian inspired, it looked like a kimono, I needed and found a wide obi belt tutorial here and created a beautiful obi belt from the fabric in the Tigers in the Grass post.

I love this shade of fuschia and the silky fabric, but the dress screamed early 90’s.

It has some pretty detailing on the left shoulder with these buttons, and a double layer of asymmetrical peplum going on.

I thought this color would be fabulous with jeans and wanted something summery.  I cut it down to be a one shouldered, sleeveless blouse.

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